What Do You Mean By Chakras And What Are The 7 Chakras?

Unblock Chakras Points

Do you take yoga or meditation section?

Do you know our body consists of 7 energy points?

Do you heard about these energies ever?

Do you know about the role of these energy points in your body?

So in this article, I will tell you answers of all the above questions and questions you have in your mind about chakras.

What Do You Mean By Chakras?

In the Sanskrit language, chakra is a wheel or disk used for our whole body’s energies. The wheel is rotating energy in various body parts and organs and plays a different role.

So if you want to avail maximum benefits, your energies should be open and balance. If any chakra gets blocked, you can experience your body get some physical and emotional disturbance.

7 chakras spin around our body. The starting point is a spine that continued to head. According to many people, our body has seven various chakras that control our body, and they are playing an important role in our body.

So now we discuss detail about chakras and their role in our body.

Let go..

Each of these seven main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, specific area of the spine.

About History Of Chakras

This topic is becoming very popular among people as the new generation really likes yoga and wants to know about the philosophies behind reason and chakras’ role. They are not too easy to understand and old energy process that comes from India.

Vedas is an ancient religious text which shows many other things about Hinduism religion.

7 Chakras

7 Chakras In The Body

First Chakra

The first chakra is known as the root chakra. It is located on the root of the spine in the dorsal region. It has a red color. It is an identity of physical wellbeing, safety, and prevention.

This chakra’s blockage can cause various physical disturbances like blabber problems, kidney problems, stomach problems, and arthritis. Emotionally you will feel weak in the area of finance and wellbeing. When this chakra is balanced, you will feel stable that help you in manifesting your dreams.

Second Chakra

The second chakra is known as the sacral chakra, located below the belly button and above the pelvic arch. It has an orange color. It indicates artistry, sensuality, and strength.

This chakra’s blockage can cause various illnesses, urinary systems, infection, back problems, and impotence. Emotionally it affects sexual desires and other issues like love.

The open chakra leads to the wellbeing of physical appearance, sexual satisfaction, and successful relationships.

Third Chakra

The third chakra is known as solar plexus chakra, located in the stomach, in the upper abdomen. It has a yellow color. It plays a role in your confidence and self-respect.

This chakra’s blockage can cause digestive system issues, ulcers, burning of the heart, and improper digestion. It plays a great role in increasing your willpower, like you have confidence in what you will do and have self-respect for your own. No one destroys your ways to succeed in your solar chakra is open.

Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra. It is located at the midpoint of the chest, in the midpoint of the heart. It has a green color. It plays a great role in your love life and humanity.

This chakra’s blockage can cause a disturbance in our physical health like heart illnesses, asthma, and obesity. But easily be shown by people through their behavior.

The people whose heart chakra is blocked can face issues in their relationships. They have rude behavior and no kindness. If your heart chakra is on, you can improve more remarkable love ability and communication with others. You have humanity at a greater level. When your chakra is not balanced, you will feel alone, brokenhearted, and disconnected from people.

Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is known as the throat chakra. It is located in the throat. It has a blue color, and they play a role in interacting with each other.

The throat chakra is linked with interacting and communicating with the help of wording thought speaking power. The blockage of this chakra can cause voice issues, throat issues, and other oral issues. Blockage of chakra can cause a problem in your speaking; it may be hurt or harm others. If your chakra is open, you will feel easy and confident in speaking.

You think before you speak and can communicate with many people easily. The people whose throat chakra is open have lots of friends and can make new friends. They have very good communication skills.

Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is known as the third eye chakra. It is located between the eyes, eyebrow, and forehead and is also known as brow chakra. It has an indigo color. It is the chakra of the sixth sense and fascinations.

This chakra’s blockage can cause many problems like headaches, eyes problem, hearing issues, and brain issues. The dammed and the deaf people can be an example of this chakra that can’t hear and speak. The opening and balance of this chakra protect you from hearing issues and eye issues. This shows that you have a creative mind and good concentration. This chakra shows the sign of learning and multi-tasking.

Seventh And Last Chakra

This chakra is the last and seventh chakra, located at the top of the head, with white color. It is the chakra of intellectual power and realization.

This charka is the main chakra and connected with all the other six chakras. This is the center of all chakra; that is why all organs connect with this chakra. The blockage of all this chakra can affect your body part and organs and cause nerves or brain problems.

It is also charka with connects with others and keeps you spiritually strong. The people whose crown chakra is blocked are stressed and depressed.

The open of this chakra keep your mind open, reduce stress, and you have very much intelligence. You can feel other pains and kind-hearted.


All chakras have different energies and are connected with various organs and body parts. It is really important to do listen to 432 Hz frequency audio track to keep all chakra balanced and opened. The blockage of any chakra can cause problems physically and emotionally too.